Development of a Measure: Internet Behaviors Scale

  •  Samira Ranaiey    
  •  Mohammad Reza Taghavi    
  •  Mohammad Ali Goodarzi    


Background and aims: Previous studies had documented that Social Networking Sites (S.N.S) has pathological effect on its users. A multi dimension syndrome, called problematic Internet use (PIU), causing behavioral and cognitive symptoms, which results in negative impact on different aspects of life like social, professional or academic.

Because of increased attention to PIU, some measure had been made, but they seem to be inadequate, due to new issue of the internet interactions. Therefore the necessity and importance of standard, valid and reliable tools to assess PIU and the related behaviors is clear.

In a survey conducted by Morahan-Martin and Schumacher on differences between lonely and non-lonely in internet behaviors, “Internet Behaviors scale” was used.

The paper was frequently cited as a source by different researchers, but no validity or reliability for that scale was reported. The scale evaluates the different aspects of internet behavior which seems to be a quite helpful tool for PIU assessment.

Method: This survey presented results of a study that evaluate reliability and validity of “Internet Behaviors Scales” with Iranian university students. This questionnaire was completed by 156 volunteer students of Shiraz University. To assess reliability coefficient α and test retest method was conducted. To assess validity exploratory factor analysis and convergent and discriminant validity was conducted.

Results: Factor Analysis indicated three dimensions of this scale: social aspects, negative impact and competency and convenience aspect.

“The internet Behaviors Scale” as the results indicate showed acceptable reliability and validity with Iranian students.

Discussion: The internet Behaviors Scale as the results indicated could be used as a standard scale (valid and reliable) to evaluate PIU and related behaviors. It is important that validity and reliability of this scale be measured by other means.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.