The Effect of Electronic Banking on the Performance of Supply Chain Management of Small and Medium Businesses

  •  Fakhriyeh Hamidianpour    
  •  Majid Esmaeilpour    
  •  Ali Daryanavard    


In current age, e-commerce does not just imply online buying and selling, but implies an efficient business throughout business levels, in which supply chain management can be regarded as the major pillar. The aim of this survey is to study effect of use of electronic banking services and important instruments of e-banking on performance and dimensions of supply chain performance at the first level of the SCOR model in electronics businesses. The present study is an applied research type in terms of aim, which is categorized as descriptive correlation in terms of data collection. The statistical population consists of electric supplies stores in Bushehr, of which 107 stores were selected as sample group using simple random sampling method. The questionnaire has been used as data collection instrument, that its validity has been confirmed through face and content validity through Cronbach's alpha. To analyze data, structural equation modeling using software Lisrel was used. Findings of the present study indicate that the use of e-banking services has a significant effect on performance of supply chain management. Further, among all devices of e-banking services except for POS (Point of Sale) and mobile banking, rest of the devices have a significant effect on performance of supply chain management.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.