Visual Assessment of Methods of Street Furniture Installation Using Kansei Engineering (Case Study: Benches in the Historical-Cultural Area of Tabriz)

  •  Mohammadali Haddadian    


Inappropriate development and rapid growth of metropolitan areas, with no facilities and infrastructure had serious negative consequences on different parts of the city that public programs organization and urban environments, including urban furniture, is considered one Sustainable urban development constructive approach that aimed at improving the quality of urban environment and various human needs. One of the humanitarian needs in urban areas creating a beautiful environment, orderly, attractive and diverse for citizens (Zangiabadi and Tabrizi, 5:2009).

Our cities and metropolis filled with a variety of elements and furniture that are ugly and some beautiful that as form and diversity, have little differences in different cities. Nevertheless it can be seen that the appearance and furniture with good design, installed so ugly and carelessly, its placement has changed adornment and lose their visual effects that has adverse effects on the furniture and the beauty of the surrounding environment and which is the importance and necessity of this research.

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