Investigation of Social Networking Function in the Development of Viral Marketing

  •  Ali Bonyadi Naeini    
  •  Erfan Sohrabi    


This study, to assess the functioning of social networks in the spread of viral marketing that took place in this particular case the country's IT industry were investigated. Therefore, the researcher has used the survey questionnaire and the population in this study, users of social page of Rahpooyan Rayan Gostar Bartar Company on Facebook. To test the validity of research tools, test reliability and validity study, Cronbach's alpha was used. According to Cochran sampling, sample size among Facebook users in the social network of Rahpooyan Rayan Gostar Bartar Company, 384 were identified. In this study, to determine the component that is used to analyze the hierarchy of the elite group of elite people in the study were 60 people, as a result, it was found there was a significant relationship between social media marketing and how its success that leads to the purchase of goods and services.According to the results of this study, it was found that there is a significant relationship between social network marketing to draw attention to animation, attractive image for color and design, attractive slogans, self-marketing, social networking, use of celebrities, the use of symbols and its impact on the purchase of goods. These results indicate that perhaps one of the most important reasons is to prevent people, goods or services in respect of their social networks, distrust of it. Trust, creates social space that organizations can operate in that space.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.