Identify and Prioritize the Key Success Factors in the Establishment of Crowdsourced Systems

  •  Ali Bonyadi Naeini    
  •  Amin Reza Atashkar    


This study sought to determine the key factors affecting the success of crowdsourcing. In this study, both exploratory and confirmatory examined and finally, structural equation modeling was used to validate the proposed model. In this study, we tried to investigate key elements in the organization, the conceptual framework for the relationship between these factors be addressed. This study aimed to evaluate the identification and prioritization of the key success factors in the establishment of crowdsourcing was used in the automotive industry and purpose of the survey and questionnaires were used. The population in this study, car industry executives. As expressed in the research evaluation experts has been used. To investigate the relationship for each of the relationships shown in the model, the model analysis of Amos Software was used. The findings of this research to the development of crowdsourcing to help organizations, because it has tried to provide empirical evidence and in accordance with the terms of the Iranian executive model, the model organizations in order to be able to managers and planners given the circumstances and the amount of resources and organizational priorities of the development and implementation of projects of crowdsourcing to take better decisions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.