The Impact of Religion, Science, Economy and Politics on Seljuq Dynasty Metalworking

  •  Raheleh ErfanManesh    
  •  Lahya HosseiniKermani    
  •  Ali Piri    
  •  Maryam ForoughiNiya    


We have experienced significant development in art, industry and science through rise of Seljuq dynast. It has smoothed its way in the field of governing over people based on relying on religion. Also, it has attempted to connect its blood to Iranian myths. The presence of all Kufic scripts, fights, and kings battles and female harp player in the metal dishes can demonstrate the impact of politics and religion on the art marvelously. Astrology has impacted Khorasan School and Seljuq dynasty's metalworking and ethereal designs have been included one of the decorative designs in art of this era. The new metal combinations which have been invented by Muslims have an important effect on metalworking industry. In addition to science development, the economic condition of the society has helped to the affluence of metalworking specially inlaying metalworking in this era. The questions which are considered in this study include: has accepting Islam religion by Seljuq dynasty affected Khorasan School metalworking? What has been the effect of sciences like chemistry, alchemy and astrology on metalwork of this era? How much Seljuq dynasty has been impacted by pre-Islamic art? For achieving proper answers, the method of research is descriptive-analysis and information has been chosen by library research method. The purpose of this study demonstrates the close connection between rational, religious, politics and art sciences.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.