Comparing Monitoring and Inspection Systems in Iran and America

  •  Kargar Kargar    
  •  Hamidreza Hamidreza    
  •  Salmani Nahid    


One of the inevitable necessities and requirements of healthy and efficient management in administrative system is the existence of full and accurate monitoring and inspection system. Strengths and abilities are identified in monitoring as well as weaknesses and deficiencies. Identifying talents and abilities has a significant role in increasing the efficiency of organization and sensible and more accurate decisions can be made through that very identification by management and as result it will help staffs’ development and progress. After conceptualization financial corruption and its causes, inspection and monitoring system introducing the international institution of fight against administrative corruption, DOI, inspection organization and its working method in Islamic republic of Iran and The United States of America will be studies and compared as the main approach of article.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.