A Distributed Method to Reconstruct Connection in Wireless Sensor Networks by Using Genetic Algorithm

  •  Tayebeh Ramezani    
  •  Tahereh Ramezani    


In recent years most of the research in the field of sensor networks is allocated to the wireless sensor and actor networks due to their complicacy and vastness of research area. This type of network is a group of sensors and actors wirelessly linked to each other. Sensors gather information of physical world while actors take appropriate decisions on the basis of gathered information and then perform proper actions upon the environment. In wireless sensor and actor networks, it is very important to maintain the connection between actors. Failure of one or more actors can break up the network into separated parts and this failure acts as a barrier to the network to perform its duties. The purpose of the present paper was to provide a genetic algorithm in wireless sensor and actor networks, to improve evaluation and to maintain the connection between actors’ networks. In order to evaluate strong points and weaknesses of the recommended approach, the OMNet++ simulation was used and the outcomes of the simulation were indicative of the recommended approach’s validity.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.