Analysis of Traffic Characteristics in Sylhet City and Development of Utility Function

  •  Amit Yadav    
  •  Mohsin Ali    
  •  Dipak Das    
  •  Maira Anis    


Sylhet is a Metropolitan city of north east part of Bangladesh, aspect severe traffic problem due to speedy and unrestrained development. This happens due to intolerable level of inequity in transportation demand and supply scenario. To assess the asperity of the existing traffic system engrossed by enormous traffic problem in Sylhet city a study was steered by Civil and Environmental Engineering department. Purpose of this study to show the traffic characteristic in Sylhet City and developed utility function of numerous modes of vehicles. Floating car or Moving observer method were used to determine the traffic characteristics and multiple regression is used to develop utility function. Results shows that center of city (Bondor to Amborkhana) have highest traffic flow and overcrowding. It is conceived that this outcome will assist in the development of future traffic model and prevent from traffic congestion of Sylhet City.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.