Cultural Passive Defense from the Perspective of Islamic Values with the Entrepreneurial Approach

  •  Mohammad Bagher Babaee Talatappeh    
  •  Arash Radmehr    


Today, Passive Defense as a necessity and broad area in all aspects of economic, cultural, political, technological and social approach of prevention and deterrence, plays a vital role in preserving Islamic values, preserve the honor of Iran, to reduce vulnerability in key parts of the country as well as promoting resource efficiency and power management in different areas.

In addition to defending the land, passive defense is to defend beliefs and values against the dangers that threaten the country, with increased resistance, maintaining morale and cohesion of the people against the threats, through attention to cultural and religious infrastructure. This research utilizes library studies, content analysis and interviews with experts in the field of Islamic culture, passive defense and entrepreneurship to study and analyze the promotion of passive defense culture from the perspective of Islamic values and the role of the custodian organizations of the cultural and educational sphere in the country in the context of entrepreneurial and innovative actions.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.