Checking the Relationship between Spiritual Intelligence and Enabling in High School Staff in Region 2 of Tehran

  •  Fatemeh Mahzouni    
  •  Fatemeh Kho'ini    


In this study, the relationship between spiritual intelligence and empower in high school staff in region 2 of Tehran is checked. This study sample consisted of 217 people that were selected by random sampling method among high school staff in region 2 of Tehran. For collecting data to test the hypothesis and to test the viewpoints, is used two questionnaires which are made 1) 17-item questionnaire of spiritual intelligence and 2) a questionnaire with 15 items of staff empowerment, which its validity and reliability were confirmed. After collecting the data and required information by the mentioned instruments and particularly through questionnaires, the number of indicators evaluated and information was entered by SPSS software database. In this research hypotheses of research were evaluated and analyzed by statistical analysis according to the questionnaires. It should be noted that for statistical data analysis software SPSS is used. Finally, by evaluation 13 research hypothesis results showed that 13 hypothesis of spiritual intelligence and empowerment of staff in Tehran high schools in Region 2 have a direct connection.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.