Analyzing and Investigating the Effect of Nailing on Stabilization Soil Trenches of Sand with Medium Density via Analytical Limit

  •  Y. Vafa Shalmani    
  •  A. Cheshomi    


Pit stability in urban areas is one of the great problems of enforcement operations. A variety of methods have been devised to fixate and stabilize slopes and pits that Nailing is an example of them that is used in urban areas. In this study, stability of pit has been analyzed using this method and using the S-Nail software that the analysis has been done with limit equilibrium method. In order to investigate the effect of stabilization Nail element in sandy soil with medium density, in both dry and moist conditions, a number of used variables related to soil strength parameters such as C and φ and a number used variable of related element such as the length of the Nail, are horizontal distance of elements from each other, grid or density were considered. So the effect of each variable in the soil stabilization has been obtained and resulting in proposing optimal scheme of the considered soil stabilization.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.