Overall Evaluation of Produced Flavored Low Lactose Milk Powder for Lactose Intolerants

  •  SeyedehZeynab Hatami Takami    
  •  SeyedReza Hejazian    
  •  Esmaeil Ghanbari Shendi    


One of the ways that can prevent lactose intolerant refuge to use dairy products is generation of new products
which is easily accessible.
In this study, flavored (banana, cocoa) low-lactose milk powder, flavored (banana and cocoa) milk powder,
low-lactose milk powder and milk powder were produced using a co-current spray dryer. The inlet and outlet
temperature was 145°C and 75°C, respectively.
Moisture, fat and lactose of treatments were measured and carbohydrates were compared also. Samples which
treated with enzyme (lactase, 0.15%) are bare of harmful carbohydrate for lactose intolerant and they can
reconstitute this powder for using and benefit the nutritional matters of milk without any side effects.
After reconstituting of samples, sensory evaluation was investigated. Investigations revealed that flavored
low-lactose milk accepted as a new product that doesn’t have disadvantages of low-lactose milk because of its
sweetness taste and flavored milk because of adding sugar (6-7%).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.