Geological Engineering Survey and Geotechnical Analysis of Substrate Soil of Erbil Steel Fusion Company

  •  Bizhan Shirdel    
  •  Farshad Khatib    


Construction projects steps among the vast and varied construction has remarkable significance range in civil
industry. Foundation as an important part of building the, is made of various systems in order to transfer the load
from the superstructure to basis. In order to subsurface location checks could be used of identifiers such as
boreholes, wells, trenches and in situ tests and laboratory tests. Project facilities are the most important factors to
identification the equipment and tools. In this study, by using the results of the exploratory boreholes, field
observations, in situ tests and laboratory studies have been consider to evaluate geotechnical condition of
Erbil Altun kupri project site. According to this by studying the Geological Engineering condition of site
project and Lefran tests, spt and cutting feathers standing on samples taken from boreholes from drilled and
comparing results together, which generally consists of sand and gravel with fine particles of silt and Clay, has
been determined geotechnical parameters of location. In the calculations after 6.5 meters excavation, location
soil considered pre-consolidation and for settlement calculation, under layer soils were divided into several
layers. The detailed results of calculations to verify foundation settlement before and after soil improving
operation that used DSM method and it’s analysis by using Plaxis 3D software, showed the elastic settlement
0.0105 mm in the center of foundation.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.