Identifying and Ranking Factors Influencing on Investor Attraction in Golestan Province by Means of Fuzzy Multi-Index Decision-Making (FAHP)

  •  Seyyed Reza Mosusavi Zadeh    
  •  Yaser Mir    
  •  Mehdi Jaani    


There is no doubt that attracting investor in economic and industrial sectors is one of the key and effective issues. We can take giant strides toward improvement with the advent of investors in infrastructure sectors. The research is the result of an applied research with the aim of identifying and ranking factors which are effective on attracting investor under fuzzy environment. Hence analysis hierarchy process (Ahp_Fuzzy model) was suggested. The research method is descriptive-survey, where factors which influence on investor attraction in Golestan province, had been identified in terms of research literature. The factors were prioritized based on comments of 25 senior managers and economic experts in management and planning organization and chamber of commerce through Ahp. The research findings indicate that lack of a coordinated and efficient plan for identifying weakness, opportunities, and intimidations is the most important problem and it is a fundamental obstacle in Golestan province in order to attract investors and to specify an appropriate strategy with significance coefficient of 0.227. There are some other obstacles for attracting domestic and foreign investors in the province which are as follows:

Lack of appropriate administrative organization, lack of right and efficient management with significance coefficient of 0.220, lack of primary infrastructure facilities and fundamental infrastructure and public services with significance coefficient of 0.204, limitation and lack of flexibility in rules and regulations related in investing in Goelstan province with significance coefficient of 0.198 and finally side effect of policy makings of government in macro level with significance coefficient of 0.151.

In fact, the research results are exactly compatible with current economic condition of the area. We can establish a comprehensive outlook for government and senior managers of the area according to level of significance and level of influence of the indices.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.