Designing an Intelligent System of Social Danger Risk Assessment for Forensic Psychiatry

  •  Vladimir Perfilyev    
  •  Yuri Gromov    
  •  Andrey Gazha    
  •  Alexey Baranov    


The present article is dedicated to design of intelligent system, which will help to make a risk assessment of socially dangerous acts committed by mental patients. In this article the author proves necessity of such system and describes steps of designing of its structure. Authors educed characteristics which influence on decision about need of regular medical checkup and choosing a type of coercive treatment. These characteristics presented as fuzzy variables and divided into three groups: "Socio-demographic characteristics", "History of Life", "History of the disease". During on the stages of the software process authors used graphical description language UML. Use case diagram, data base diagram and static structure diagram are presented. System interface is fully developed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.