Analysis of Reduce Potential Methane Gas Emission by Methanotrofic Bacteria from Rice Field in Gowa

  •  Maymuna Nontji    
  •  Baharuddin Patenjengi    
  •  Burhanuddin Rasyid    
  •  Pirman Pirman    


The Increase of temperature in atmosphere caused by increasing concentrations of methane in rice field affects to metabolism of rice plants, it can reduce productivity of rice. Methanotrofic bacteria are one of the organisms that can reduce methane gas emissions, because the bacteria use methane as an energy source. Based on the fact, needed information about the reduce potential of methane gas by the bacteria. The aim of this study was to analyze reduce potential of methanotrofic bacteria have been previously isolated that from rice fields in Gowa. The Analysis was done by measuring concentration of methane gas using chromatography gas techniques. Observations of remaining gas concentration were done four times during 13-days incubation period. All isolates were able to reduce methane with varies potential. The highest reduction shown by isolates GMP 2 with the reduction about 88%. The Lowest reduction shown by GMV 3 with the reduction about 51.9%.

Keywords: emission, methane, methanotrofic

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.