Comparison of Biological Shapes Using Extracted Edges Analyzed with Polynomial Hermite Interpolation

  •  Donatella Giuliani    


The aim of this work is the analysis of biological bi-dimensional structures in order to study their shapes during the growing process. At first we have proceeded to extraction of deformable contours of biological forms using as external forces, the generalized gradient vector flow, GGVF (Xu C. Prince I.J.,1998b). In this study, by evaluating the map of divergence associated with the GGVF field we automatically generate the initial contour using the level curves of a divergence map, therefore we obtain the final curve with a great accuracy. Finally, the study of the extracted edges was achieved by polynomial piecewise Hermite interpolation, in order to carry out a comparative analysis of morphology.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.