Designing Ex Ant Evaluation of Policy Model

  •  Hassan Ghoroneh    
  •  Seyed Kamal Tabatabeian    
  •  Ali Reza Bushehri    
  •  Saeed Ghorbani    


Today, symbol of better policy and more smart is ex ant evaluation policy that Models, methods and tools inform policymakers and stakeholders and ultimately improve the quality of public policy.

In this article, ex ant evaluation policy model Based on future-oriented approach by using the Delphi technique and the experts in the disciplines and various areas in Iran has been designed. This model can be used as a methodological framework in different disciplines. the causal, model consists of six stages Definition of policy context, The definition of possible policy scenarios and screening, Rational model of probable policies, Analyze the impact of probable policies and compare them, Identify key indicators and measures of progress and   advise policy makers and stakeholders feedback information and development answers  future of and has functions; informing, communication between policy makers and stakeholders to improve the capacities of policy making. Resulting in improved quality and enhance the cohesion policy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.