Customer Segmentation of Bank Based on Discovering of Their Transactional Relation by Using Data ‎Mining Algorithms‎

  •  Neda Shokrgozar    
  •  Farzad Sobhani    


In this research, based on financial transactions between bank customers which extracted from bank’s databases we have developed the relational transaction graph and customer’s transactional communication network has been created. Furthermore, using data mining algorithms and evaluation parameters in social network concepts lead us for segmenting of bank customers. The main goal in this research is bank customer’s segmentation by discovering the transactional relationship between them in order to deliver some specified solutions in benefit of some policy about customers equality in banking system; in other words improvement of customer relationship management to determination of strategies and business risk management are the main concept of this research. By evaluation of Customer segments, banking system will consider more efficient and crucial factors in decision process to estimate more accurate credential of each group of customers and will grant more appropriate types and amount of loan services to them therefore it is expected these solutions will reduce the risk of loan service in banks.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.