Inputs Price Transmission Effect on Marketing Margins on Fisheries Products of Iran

  •  Mahdi Saravani    
  •  Nazar Dahmarde Ghaleno    


Volatility and instability of inputs price and products on the one hand and high marketing margins, on the other hand are the main characters of inefficient marketing of agricultural products. So in this paper we will consider the Prices Transmission of Inputs and Marketing Costs on Marketing Margin of Fisheries Products during 2004 to 2014. The variables examined in this study which were extracted from the website of Fisheries and Statistics Center of Iran, include hot and cold water fish prices (Larve and Fingerling), Fishmeal and Concentrate (inputs), transport and labor costs and amount of used inputs. The results show that Necessary and sufficient conditions for coincidence of inputs price transmission has rejected and mediators through asymmetrical transmission of input prices to retails increase marketing margin and thereby earn profits. The coincident test also in the transfer of marketing costs showed asymmetry coincidence of marketing costs. The variable of total amount of inputs that is considered as an explanatory variable to ensure assume constant returns to scale in marketing margin model, Its impact on marketing margins is incremental and statistically significant. The process trend variable coefficient also shows that market margins will increase over time. To improve this situation it is suggested to establish the Notification institutions of market.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.