A Social Cloud Computing: Employing a Bee Colony Algorithm for Sharing and Allocating Tourism Resources

  •  Mohammad Zare Bidoki    
  •  Mohammad Javad Kargar    


With the growth and development of social networks and emerging cloud computing networks, social network users will be able to share their intended data, in data centers from various places all over the worlds which belong to cloud, with one another and additionally use others data simultaneously. Since with the passage of time, sharing the services and data sources through social networks in Tourism industry would be more complex for clients, it could be possible to facilitate the usage and sharing the Tourism resources with designing a social cloud platform. Initially, social cloud in Tourism area collects clients’ information their inter-connected relationships from social networks. Afterwards, with the utilization of artificial bee colony algorithm, it can make an adjustment and balance in Tourism resources that have been shared as of yet and the comments and friendly relationships obtained from social networks. Finally, implementing such a social cloud in Tourism field can lead to an increase in the level of satisfaction of users when they want to have an access to useful documents and can achieve progress in the Tourism industry and develop it within the country.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.