Study on Electromagnetic Shielding of Infrared /Visible Optical Window

  •  Sun Yan-Jun    
  •  Chang Hao    
  •  Wu Song-hang    
  •  Leng Yan-Bing    
  •  Wang Li    


In allusion to electromagnetic radiation damage that existed in daily life, social safety and military field, electromagnetic shielding technology of infrared and infrared optical window was studied. Transparent conductive film mesh was proposed in optical window, the mesh is composed of oxide films including ITO, SnO2 etc, for decreasing  infrared and visible low transmission problem of traditional metal mesh. The effects of photoelectric properties comes from mesh line width and cycle was analysised in this paper, different line width and cycle ITO film mesh was manufactured,by the way of coating、lithography and chemical erosion method. The Comparison Study of ITO film mesh and metal mesh, we concluded that infrared transmission of ITO mesh is higher than metal mesh, and even more than 10%; that shielding efficiency of ITO mesh is lower than metal mesh, but the gap is less, only 2~3dB. So it has practical value by ITO mesh instead of metal mesh.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.