The Design of a Shell-Tube Heat Exchanger as Evaporator an Absorption Chiller Cycle to Reduce the Temperature of the Air Entering a Diesel Engine Operating at Full Load Engine Medium

  •  Seyedeh Sepideh Ghaffari    
  •  Seyed Ali Jazayeri    


Survey, design evaporator heat exchanger is an absorption chiller cycle. To cooling air to a four-cylinder diesel engine medium, at full load at different speeds to increase the useful power output. Heat can be recycled to cooling air to the engine, by the absorption chiller, cooling to be converted. By reducing the engine inlet air temperature by evaporating, at full load, increased air density. And consequently more engine volumetric efficiency. As a result, the effective power output increases. In this study, the design of the structure of the evaporator, Solid Works was done by software. And the relationship between formulas and equations of heat transfer in the MATLAB code and the output results is provided in this article.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.