Evaluation of Total Factors Productivity of Three Ilam Major Products (Wheat, Corn and Cucumbers)

  •  Dariush Rahmati    
  •  Bahman Gholami    


The purpose of this study is to evaluate the productivity of total factors Production(water, land and labor) of three Ilam major products which are wheat, corn and cucumber. This study is calculated by conventional methods of measuring productivity and production function of Cobb- Dougles. The results of this study showed that the average productivity cost (during 2000-2009) of lading the ground for irrigated farm is 111.727$ and for dry farm it is 17.468$.the average productivity in this period for lading the labors in irrigated farm of wheat is 2.932 $and for dry land ,it is 1.237 $. The Average productivity of the land for cultivation of maize is 1356600 Riyals and for work force is 26.51$.The obtained average productivity of labor and cucumber lands during this period is 1.600 and 208.833$.

Water productivity in the production of Cucumber for Dareshahr and Sarableh cities is respectively 1.112 and 0.437.Average productivity of water in cucumber productions is0.774. The differences of corn productivity of the two cities is almost the same but Mehran and Aivan have the highest and the lowest productivity in Ilam, Mehran has 0.675 and Aivan has 0.274 of productivity. The average productivity is 0.416 .The ratio of the highest and lowest value of the obtained product from each unit of water in Dareshahr is more than 4/5 times. Thus the value of the water product in the cultivation of cucumbers is over 1.729 $, while this number for wheat is only 0.367 $.

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