Functional Model of the Emergence and Development of Stress

  •  Efremova Galina Ivanovna    
  •  Timoshenko Galina Valentinovna    
  •  Leonenko Elena Anatolievna    
  •  Bochkovskaya Irina Aleksandrovna    
  •  Potekhina Elena Vitalievna    


The article is devoted to the creation of a functional model of stress as a tool for study of the human stress response. The mechanisms of the emergence and further development of emotional stress are described. Criterion of distinguishing between adaptive and maladaptive stress is formulated. Personal characteristics, determining a person's willingness to experience maladaptive stress are highlighted. System model that allows to solve the problems of theoretical and empirical studies of stress is proposed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.