The Calculation of the Tensely Strained State of the System «Diamond Bit-Bottom»

  •  Aigerim E. Assan    
  •  Yury E. Budyukov    
  •  Vladislav P. Onishin    
  •  Vitaly V.Povetkin    
  •  Toktasin M. Mendebayev    


The design procedure of the tensely strained state(TSS) of the system «diamond bit-bottom » is developed, basic analytical dependences, characterizing TSS of the system of the calculation the basic parameters-tension, strains under the influence of an external loading on the diamond bit with finite-element method application (FEM) are chosen in the offered article. The questions of the creation in plane posing with usage of share the block - schema of the program, realizing finite-element method. For components of the process of interaction with a diamond bit rock used the method of mathematical modeling of components of the process (partial solutions) output data which will be the main characteristics of the process, allow to formulate requirements for the development of the diamond rock cutting tool.

And also addressed the issues of creating a removable drill bit used for boring exploration wells are considered in the article. The authors propose a technological solution for the modernization and improvement of removable drill bit, taking into account the various stages of deterioration of diamond bits.

The possibility of improving the diamond destructive tool, including a special on the scientific, engineering and technological level are far from exhausted. Diamond drilling in difficult geological conditions accompanied not enough efficient use of energy supplied to the face, the working face of overheating matrices crowns, abnormal wear of the rock cutting tool, and is not always suitable geological work quality. In this context, the relevance of the set objectives in this paper is quite obvious.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.