Optimization of Eugenol Extraction from Clove Oil using Response Surface Methodology

  •  Widayat Widayat    
  •  Hadiyanto Hadiyanto    
  •  Bambang Cahyono    
  •  Ngadiwiyana Ngadiwiyana    


The objective of this research was to obtain optimum condition of eugenol production from clove oil using a central composite design method. The main process occured in the eugenol production was saphonification and neutralization processes. In order to optimize these processes, the ratio of NaOH/clove oil and temperature were studied as design variables i.e. ratio of NaOH/clove oil=1:2.5-1:3.5 while temperature was varied between 40 and 60oC. The yield of eugenol was considered as the main response in of this experiment. The result showed that the optimum condition was achieved when the temperature and the ratio of NaOH/clove oil were 50oC and 2.75:1, respectively and the yield was 39.17%.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.