Multilayered Cavity Material Radial Line Slot Array Antenna with Improved Bandwidth for 5G Communication Application

  •  Ibrahim Maina    
  •  Tharek Rahman    
  •  Mohsen Khalily    
  •  Splomon Zakwoi    


Mobile broadband communication systems like the fifth generation (5G) will require large bandwidth allocation. Currently, the sweet spot is congested with no enough spectrum to support higher bandwidth allocation. The millimeter wave band is being explored to provide the needed spectrum with 28 GHz so far identified as a potential carrier frequency. Development of complimentary antennas for transmission and reception on the band therefore become necessary. This paper present the design of linearly polarized radial line slot array antenna at 28 GHz for mobile broadband communication system application. The antenna consists of radiating surface with radius ρ sitting on squared cavity and ground of side 2ρ. It is excited via a rear center mounted modified straight dielectric coated 50 Ω SSMA connector. The cavity is filled with layers of air space, low dielectric constant syntactic foam and high frequency laminate RT/duroid 5880. With ρ = 50 mm and a maximum total cavity height of 3.0 mm, the antenna was simulated using Computer Simulation Technology Microwave Studio 2014 software. A gain of 18.13 dB, directivity of 18.4 dBi, efficiency of 96 % and impedance bandwidth of up to 2.34 GHz were realized.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.