Evaluation of Biogenic Characteristics of Iron Nanoparticles and Its Alloys in Vitro

  •  Elena Yausheva    
  •  Elena Sizova    
  •  Sergey Miroshnikov    


This research was performed to study the effect of iron nanoparticles with variable size, its oxides and alloys onliving systems. Analysis of the results showed manifestation of acute toxicity over a wide concentration range forFeCo alloy nanoparticles and low toxic characteristics for iron nanoparticles and its oxides. To develop acutetoxicity high concentrations of iron nanoparticles and iron oxide nanoparticles were required. Calculation oftoxicity index allowed to rank studied nanoparticles samples in descending order of toxic action: FeCo →Feа →Fe3O4а →Feb = Fe3O4b.Correlation was direct between particle size and the intensity of the impacton living systems. According toobtained data,the smaller the particle size the greater its biological activity. The presence of cobalt in the alloyFeCo nanoparticles contributed to the increase of biological activityand as a consequence increase toxic effects.These studies revealed biological activity of iron nanoparticle and its oxides without development of toxic effectat doses of 0.25 - 0.000718 M which characterizes them as biotic.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.