Using the Fiber Preparations in Meat Processing

  •  Ivan Fiodorovich Gorlov    
  •  Tatiana Mikhailovna Giro    
  •  Vadim Valentinovich Pryanishnikov    
  •  Marina Ivanovna Slozhenkina    
  •  Aleksandr Vasilievich Randelin    
  •  Natali Ivanovna Mosolova    
  •  Elena Yurievna Zlobina    
  •  Andrey Vladimirovich Kulikovskiy    


Due to the growing segment of dietary fiber preparations on the World market and to the need to expand the range of food products within the Scientific Concepts of Functional Foods in Europe, the authors studied the properties of the roughage, developed the ways of their dispensing use in food products with the required and improved characteristics to be ensured. The studies identified the chemical composition, the safety characteristics, the functional and technological properties, and the microstructure of the wheat fiber products of the series "Vitacel" (produced by «J. Rettenmaier & SohneGmbH», Germany). The microstructural analysis helped to prove the capillary-fiber structure of the fiber "Vitacel", which provides high water retention. The fact that the food fiber preparations have significant sorption capacity and a high degree of swelling has been experimentally proved. The rational doses and the hydration conditions in the meat systems have been substantiated. Based on the research results, we can conclude that the fiber of the series "Vitacel" has a number of positive functional and technological properties that allows recommending it for all kinds of meat, fish, and confectionery products.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.