Development of Rutting Damage Ratios of Heavy Vehicles Operating in the Northern Part of Peninsular Malaysia

  •  Osama M. Yassenn    
  •  Intan R. Endut    
  •  Mohamed A. Hafez    
  •  Siti Z. Ishak    


Heavy vehicles loaded beyond load limits are found to form a considerable percentage of heavy vehicles traffic in the Northern Part of Malaysian Peninsula. This study uses the actual weights of heavy vehicles to develop rutting damage ratios for each heavy vehicle type to be used in flexible pavement and overlay design. Traffic volume and heavy vehicles weights were collected by five survey stations spread along the northern part of Malaysian peninsula, namely: Alor Setar, Gurun, Bertam, Bukit Merah, and Taiping. Via the analysis, rutting damage ratios were developed for each heavy vehicle classes and an average rutting damage ratio was developed to represent all types of heavy vehicles running in the northern part of Malaysian peninsula.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.