Design and Simulation Study of Small Four Wheel Vehicle Chassis for Single Driver

  •  M. Z. A Rashid    
  •  M. F. Abdul Latif    
  •  M. Nur Othman    
  •  Marizan Sulaiman    


This paper highlights the development and vibration analysis of a four wheel vehicle chassis for single driver. A chassis is developed and proved to have a strong structure and minimized vibration. First, this project is concentrating on determining the static stress and strain concentrated on the chassis structure as well as determining the resultant displacement of the chassis frame with applied load exerted on the chassis. This is vital because the chassis acts as the main frame of the vehicle that subjected to stress, strain and vibration during the vehicle moves. Second, this project is also focussing on the developing a chassis structure for a four wheel vehicle for single driver system with a minimum vibration since vibration could cause the efficiency and the performance of a vehicle to drop. In this paper, the results obtained from the static test conducted on the basic chassis frame structure designed by using Solidworks software are presented as well as the fabricated basic chassis frame structure. The three dimensional modelling chassis frame structure is designed using Solidworks software and the static test is conducted in the simulation environment of the Solidworks software as well. The fabrication of the basic chassis frame structure is fabricated using the selected material which is the 25mm x 25mm square mild steel tube with the thickness of 1.6mm and the method of welding is used in developing the chassis. The developed chassis frame structure is able to withstand the applied load with a satisfactory factor of safety (FOS). The chassis structure will further modified and improved into a integrated chassis structure combining with engine, wheels, brakes, motor and steering system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.