Improving Factors Affecting the Development of Corporate Entrepreneurship in the Housing Sector Using QFD

  •  Abbas Matloubi    


A new dimension of entrepreneurial activities in the business has been considered in business since the early 80s, is known as the Corporate Entrepreneurship (CE). This type of entrepreneurship is very similar to the independent entrepreneur (in the form of running a new business), and the only difference is that the entrepreneur acts within an organization that already worked. Corporate entrepreneurship is a process through which organizations are realizing the opportunities and manage production factors to create additional value in innovative ways. Housing sector in Iran, with abundant employment opportunities, can contribute much role in the current situation, but lack of attention to the concept of entrepreneurship in the field of employment in this sector has caused the traditional way of thinking dominate this sector. This research has been trying to use the efficient management models such as quality function deployment model offer strategies for promotion of corporate entrepreneurship in housing sector. The study population consists of all directors and employees of two Housing Investment Companies in Tehran. A number of 137 questionnaires were collected after applying the sampling formula to sampling, and the results showed that the dimensions of innovation, being active, management structure and philosophy of bounces are in very good conditions but the dimensions of risking, strategic orientation, Resource-based orientation and entrepreneurial culture require improvement. A number of 14 recovery strategies for the promotion of the 4 dimensions were designed using 11 managers of the both under study companies. Strategies appropriate measure of relative weight and absolute weight are appropriate criteria for ranking, among the strategies the three strategies including (accurate monitoring of the implementation of the law), (creating a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing between employees) and outsourcing CE consultancy to professional organizations) have the highest weight and influence, and more input parameters will be recovered by their implementation.

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