A Maximum Transmission Range and Relative Energy Based Multipath Routing Strategy in Manet’s

  •  Sannareddy Vinay    
  •  M. Saravanan    


Manet’s are networks which can be setup on demand where mobile nodes rely on the finite energy. Considering the limited available energy as a restraint numerous methods have been emerged from time-to-time to expand the lifetime of a network by effective utilisation of energy. The highest favoured and competent mechanism to lengthen the lifetime of network is by transmission power management theory which contemplates nearby nodes with merest power level. This scheme doesn’t reduce the energy utilisation and communication overhead of the network. Based on our inquiry it is erect that routing procedure is to be altered relatively than controlling the transmission power and permitting only certain nodes in routing process. Routing mechanism is to be changed based on the assessment of received signal strength and relative remaining energy. Using this only specific nodes in the network are permitted to receive and validate the routing request. Aforementioned form of routing procedure is adopted to Ad-hoc on-demand multipath distance vector (Ad-hoc-OMDV) routing protocol and a maximal transmission range and remaining energy based multipath protocol called AOMDV_RR is proposed and analysed under various dimensions of network. Commendable dissimilarity in capabilities are found and the suggested AOMDV_RR shows better performance than the normal AOMDV with reference to all the selected QoS entities.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.