A Bilingual Numeral OCR System for Creating Uni-Lingual Digitized Numeral Document

  •  Karthick K    
  •  Chitra S    


The optical character recognition has been used in many applications such as dictionary generation, customer billing system, banking and postal automation, and library automation etc. The bilingual OCR system to make uni-lingual script helps us to reduce the requirement of two different OCR systems into a single OCR system for recognition of two different languages. This type of globalization helps the universal users of any language can read the text documents in their self-language if the bilingual documents are converted into uni-lingual document. In this paper, the image which contains printed Tamil and European numerals has been recognized using common OCR System and the Tamil numerals are converted into European numerals to globalize the document from a bilingual script into a uni-lingual document. The main objective of the work is to bring out the single numeral (European numerals) text document from the input image with two different numerals (Tamil and European Numerals). The Kohonen’s self-organizing map (SOM) based recognition system has been used for recognizing the numerals and recognized characters in bilingual numerals (Tamil and European Numerals) form are converted into Uni-lingual form (European numerals). This paper also discusses the various approaches used for OCR.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.