Features of Vertically Integrated Agribusiness Corporations in Western Europe Countries

  •  Zakharova Elena Nikolaevna    
  •  Kerashev Anzaur Aslanbekovich    
  •  Mokrushin Aleksandr Aleksandrovich    


In order to ensure the region's population with food promising direction of development of agro-industrial complex is the vertical integration. The article summarizes foreign experience of vertically integrated structures formation in the agro-industrial complex. Special emphasis is made on the methods and ways of small agriculture producers’ integration into agro-business. Authors studied the indexes of the current condition and agro-industrial complexes (AIC) development tendencies in the EU countries, agro-holdings dynamics, as well as the structure of used farmland in the EU countries. Authors also present the results of the largest multinational corporations’ activity, formed due to active integrating processes in agro-business sphere. Authors underline the peculiarities of integration bonds formation in the EU countries’ agro-industrial complex. The author believes that the further development of the vertical integration depends on the process of institutional mechanisms perfection. They provide the enlargement of small farms’ participation in the present-day AIC market.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.