Desorption Isotherms of the Koumiss and Shubat Clots Enriched by Various Additives

  •  Azret Shingisov    
  •  Ravshanbek Alibekov    
  •  Zeinep Nurseitova    
  •  Gulbagi Orymbetova    
  •  Gulzhan Kantureeva    
  •  Elvira Mailybaeva    


The fermented mare’s milk – Koumiss and camel’s milk – Shubat are traditional national dairy products in Kazakh cuisine. Concentrated dairy products in the form of clots have a quantity content of useful chemical compounds. In the presented study it was investigated the desorption isotherms of the koumiss and shubat clots enriched by vegetative additives. It was established, that the interface between weakly and strongly bound moisture can be: for the koumiss clots enriched by juices: of a carrot аw =0,56, uх = 0.69 kg/kg; of a pumpkin  аw =0,58, uх = 0,80 kg/kg; of a beet аw =0,59, uх = 0,81 kg/kg; as well as for shubat clot, enriched by juices: of a carrot аw =0,62, uх =0,73 kg/kg; of a pumpkin аw =0,65, uх = 0,67 kg/kg and of a beet аw =0,63, uх =0.66 kg/kg.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.