Comparative Evaluation of Fattening, Slaughter and Meat Qualities of Purebred and Hybrid Swine

  •  Zhanna Aleksandrovna Perevoyko    


The creation of more productive breeds, lines, types, and their rational use in purebred breeding and hybridization contributes to the efficiency of swine industry. Comparative study on meat quality of pigs is essential for an objective assessment of the bred species, lines, and hybrids. We carried out a study on the meat quality of purebred and hybrid pigs fattening up to 100 kg and 125 kg of live weight under the conditions of an industrial complex. It was established, that of higher nutritional value, as well as of good fattening qualities, was the meat of two-breed hybrids LW × DL and three-breed combinations (LW × DL) × DIb both fattening to100 kg and fattening to125 kg of live weight.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.