Determination of Weber-Ampere Characteristics of Electric Devices Using Solution of Inverse Problem of Harmonic Balance

  •  Lankin Anton Mikhailovich    
  •  Mikhail Vladimirovich Lankin    
  •  Nikolay Ivanovich Gorbatenko    
  •  Danil Vadimovich Shaykhutdinov    


This work is devoted to development of measurement of weber--ampere characteristic of electric devices consisting of a magnetic core and a coil. In this method the coil of electric device is energized with sinusoidal voltage of known amplitude and frequency, and harmonic amplitudes of passing current are measured. On the basis of these data the inverse problem of harmonic balance is solved and the approximation coefficients of the equation describing the required weber--ampere characteristic are determined. The influence of the degree of approximating expression on measurement error is studied. The obtained results have demonstrated possibility of application of the proposed method to measurements of weber--ampere characteristics of electric devices. The measurement error of weber--ampere characteristic does not exceed 3 %.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.