Mathematical Model of System of Protection of Computer Networks against Attacks DOS/DDOS

  •  Shangytbayeva G. A.    
  •  Karpinski M. P.    
  •  Akhmetov B. S.    
  •  Yerekesheva M. M.    
  •  Zhekambayeva M. N.    


In practice the most part of connections of subjects of a wide area network uses the virtual connections as this method is the dynamic protection of network connection and won't use static key information. Therefore, the interaction without establishing a virtual channel is one of the possible reasons for the success of remote attacks such as DoS / DDoS. An abstract considers the mathematical model of system of protection of computer networks against attacks such as DoS/DDoS, allowing in practice to detect attacks such as DoS / DDoS. Grounded way to prevent attacks through the use of network reconfiguration procedures, it is difficult for practical implementation attacks such as DoS / DDoS. The algorithm to create new virtual data channels to ensure a minimum amount of traffic regardless of reconfiguring computer network. The article presents an approach to detection of the distributed network attacks to refusal in service, the offered method increases efficiency of use of the calculated resource of a computer network at the big distributed network attacks to “Denial of Service”.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.