Developing a Mobile Based Automated Testing Tool for Windows Phone 8

  •  Albert Mayan. J    
  •  Julian Menezes. R    
  •  John Bruce. E    


Smart phones, or Mobile phones are quickly fetching the essential computer and communication tool in people’s life. Every phone has lots of applications and every application has its own different characteristics. Before producing these applications to the end user’s use, the developer should confirm that the applications are working smoothly, sans any technical glitches, and user friendly in every feature, and for that we use testing tools to check the compatibility of the software by using test applications like Eggplant, silk test, etc. But nowadays, every tool is designed for the desktop environment. In this project an application is being proposed for the windows phones by which an end-user can install the application in the mobiles directly. After this work the end user will be able to know if the apps are working properly or not, this will help us to catch all the information by executing the data, detecting the type and the kernel. This application will help us to install any application on our windows phone by the other devices and will help to grab the elements in the present applications. It is much faster and user friendly, because it will work without the need of a desktop, and we can run some more test cases as well.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.