Differences in Motivation between Male and Female in Slovakia in 2015

  •  Miloš Hitka    
  •  Milota Vetráková    
  •  Žaneta Balážová    


Meeting human needs or life’s challenges, internal and external environments as well as some further factors affect motivation significantly. All factors are interconnected to each other and they create mutually connected parts of network. In the paper we mention the issue of motivational differences between male and female in Slovakia in the year 2015. Sampling unit contains 4,099 respondents. Deep knowledge of the differences plays a key role in employee job performance and affects the employees’ motivation effectively. Results of the social inquiry confirm great similarity between motivation factors of male and female in Slovakia in 2015. Despite small significant differences we can state that there is a possibility of creating unified motivation programme for employees regardless of gender. Specific gender differences in the level of motivation have to be taken into account in order to increase motivation. In the future meeting the needs of employees can cause the changes in their motivation requirements. Therefore we suggest the organisation to update motivation programme from time to time.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.