Taxonomy of Factors Influencing Non-Use of Online Shopping of Students

  •  Rex Bringula    


Despite the rich literature on what influenced shoppers to buy online, there were people who were not still engaged in online shopping. This study attempted to determine the factors that influenced non-adoption of online shopping and to provide taxonomy of these factors. Guided by a semi-structured questionnaire, interviews with fifty-three (53) informants (i.e., students) revealed that the top three reasons for the non-use of online shopping were security and trust concerns, quality of the product, and the need to see or touch the product. It was shown that the reasons could be classified into three taxa – Company Domain, Personal Domain, and Technical Domain. Further, it was disclosed that the reasons for the use of online shopping were also the same reasons why others hesitated to use online shopping. Conclusions were drawn and recommendations were also offered.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.