Experimental Study on Nitrogen-Doped Nano-Scale TiO2 Prepared by Microwave-Assisted Process at Low Temperature

  •  Zengxiu Zhai    
  •  Kehua Zou    
  •  Wei Feng    
  •  Qiong Wang    


Nitrogen-doped nano-scale TiO2 was prepared by microwave-assisted process at low temperature with Ti(SO4)2 as raw material, and ammonia water as precipitant and nitrogen source. The obtained powder was characterized by XRD, XPS, UV-Vis diffuse reflection spectroscopy, TEM and etc. Its photocatalytic activity under UV light was evaluated with methyl orange solution as target contaminant. The results from XRD analysis showed that the titled TiO2 existed in an anatase phase. The particle size read from XRD was 5~10 nm, in general accordance with that from TEM. XPS analysis exhibited an N1s peak around 399 eV, which indicated an N-Ti-O structure in TiO2. UV-Vis diffuse reflection spectroscopy exhibited a red shift of the absorption edge, which indicated that the sample had a certain absorption of visible light at 400~500 nm. The results of photocatalysis experiment proved that the titled TiO2 has a higher photocatalytic activity.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.