Optimization Production Planning Using Fuzzy Goal Programming Techniques

  •  Houshang Taghizadeh    
  •  Ardeshir Bazrkar    
  •  Mohammad Abedzadeh    


In the past two decades, ideal planning has been used for the multiple criteria decision making problem solving.The issue is raised here is that how to do a program to achieve the best and most comprehensive program that it haswell run ability? Because of costly medical equipment production process, it should pay more attention toproduction planning. In this research, this was carried out in the company’s beta; we are looking to fulfill twoobjectives, reducing the cost of production, increase revenue leading to increased profits. For the realization ofthese goals, we use the method of fuzzy planning, according to studies, we use simple collective models andcollective weighted method. According to the existing information and problem variables and TIVARY model,we find that the model leads to production costs and increasing income. According to the results of the research, werealized that for the realization of the Beta purposes, we should use TIVARY collective method. This study hasexpanded the discussion of optimization production planning using fuzzy goal programming techniques. Goalprogramming was used in various issues such as decision making. The most important goal programmingrestrictions is unclear goals. Fuzzy goal programming provided, it investigate fuzzy purpose in unknown level.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.