Economic Mathematical Modeling of Attributed Costs of Production in Industrial Enterprises

  •  Mikhail Nikolaevich Dudin    
  •  Nikolaj Vasil'evich Lyasnikov    
  •  Dzhurabaeva Gulnora Kahramanovna    
  •  Dzhurabaev Kahraman Tursunovich    


Statement of a problem: the present article is theoretical and methodological research focused on analysis and provisioning the basics for using different approaches to economic mathematical modeling of attributed costs of production in industrial enterprises. Approach: in its methodological part the article is based on a set of economic mathematical modeling methods. In particular, method of graphical simulation was used as well as regression modeling method.

Research results allow making conclusion that using graphical approaches to modeling of attributed costs of production does not always provides relevant and objective results. Authors prove that the best and the most practical way is to use regression and correlation modeling methods in managing cost prices.

Conclusion/recommendations: materials provide in this article are an addition to general management theory as well as extension of theoretical and methodological basis of production management. Main theoretical and methodological results obtained in the work are recommended as development platform for making high quality and effective management decisions in modeling cost price, volume of production and revenue of an enterprise.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.