Application of Peng-Robinson Equation of State for Calculating Solid-Vapor and Solid-Liquid Equilibrium of CH4-CO2 System

  •  Gede Wibawa    
  •  Muhammad F. A. Nafi    
  •  Asti Permatasari    
  •  Asalil Mustain    


In this study, the performances of Peng-Robinson Equation of State combined with the classical mixing ruleswere evaluated to calculate solid-vapor equilibrium (SVE) and solid-liquid equilibrium (SLE) of CH4-CO2system. The evaluation was performed by comparing the calculated values with the literature data. In thecalculation of SVE, the new binary interaction parameter values (kij) of CH4-CO2 mixtures were proposed in thiswork based on the experimental data. The proposed kij obtained in this work might increase the accuracy ofPeng-Robinson Equation of State by reducing average absolute deviation in the temperatures between calculatedvalues and literature data from (2.18% to 0.26%), (0.88% to 0.70%) and (0.61% to 0.44%) at CO2 compositionof 1%, 1.91% and 2.93%, respectively. Significant improvement was found at CO2 composition of 1%. In thecalculation of SLE, new parameters were not proposed since the calculation using the existing (literature) kijgives good results with an average absolute deviation of 0.5%.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.