Preparation of Ceria-Zirconia Mixed Oxide by Hydrothermal Synthesis

  •  Siti Machmudah    
  •  M. Akmal Hadian    
  •  Lenno Samodro K.    
  •  Sugeng Winardi    
  •  Wahyudiono Wahyudiono    
  •  Hideki Kanda    
  •  Motonobu Goto    


Ceria-zirconia mixed oxides have been synthesized by hydrothermal synthesis process. Under hydrothermalconditions, water potential to control the direction of crystal growth, morphology, particle size and sizedistribution, because of the controllability of thermodynamics and transport properties by pressure andtemperature. The synthesis was carried out at temperatures of 150 − 200 oC and pressure of 5 MPa in a batchreactor. The reactor made of SUS 304 tube reactor with internal volume of 8.8 ml. The synthesized productswere calcined and characterized using SEM, XRD and FTIR. The results showed that the particles formed weresphere shaped particles with smooth morphology and the size of particle diameters were 35, 61, and 31 nm onaverage for reactions temperatures of 150, 180, and 200oC, respectively. The XRD pattern indicated thatceria-zirconia mixed powder was uniformly distributed in the structure to form a homogeneous solid solution.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.