Exergy Analysis of an WGZ220/6.8-1 Type Alkali Recovery Boiler

  •  Zaili Zhao    
  •  Zhaofeng Yuan    
  •  Qinghua Cui    
  •  Na Yan    


The thermal performance of power generating and consuming devices can be improved significantly, both during design and operation. A solution can be sought by heat balance analyses fifty years ago. However, heat balance analysis neglects to recognize the irreversibility in processes and components. For the purpose of revealing fully losses and places which influence thermodynamic perfection of boiler, exergy analysis model of WGZ220/6.8-1 type alkali recovery boiler is established, exergy balance calculation software is designed by use of Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, and the main factors which affect boiler system exergy loss are analyzed by using exergy balance method in this study. The discussions and results obtained may provide guidance for improving utilization of boiler energy.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.